A few details you may be wondering about:

We are really awkward in front of the camera. Can you work with that?

Says every human ever. Well, not quite, but almost. There are a few select people who thrive in front of the lens and God bless them. For the rest of us, there’s still hope. Almost every person you see in my photos would tell you they feel awkward getting their photo taken. Heck, I DO TOO!!!! But let’s rearrange our thinking a bit ok? This is YOUR STORY and YOUR PEOPLE I’m capturing. I’m going to direct our session to capture just that. No need to perform or overthink the process. You work on loving your
people and I’ll do the rest.

What do we wear?!

Oooh I love this question!!! And the answer is actually super important. Wear what you LOVE and feel awesome wearing. If you hate what you are wearing you WILL hate your photos. It will be all you can think about. So please, take your time to think about outfitting you and your people in clothes you love, feel represent YOU and your personalities, and hopefully don’t clash. My advice? Pick one outfit that you know for certain you want to be in the photos, and go from there. Think about the colors and patterns in that one piece and find clothes that make the bunch of you look cohesive. No need to match friends! Just coordinate. I am super happy to help you in the process and provide feedback if you are struggling with choices.

Where should we shoot?

My very first recommendation is to shoot at a location you love and feel represents your season of life. If you aren’t sure where that is, we’ll work together to find a location that fits your vision. I have a ton of places I love around the island and I also LOVE shooting at new places and in homes.

What time will we shoot?

I’m a sucker for good light. I will literally squeal if the light is shining in the photo. That being said, we don’t always get to choose the weather and how the sky looks, so I like to put us in the best position possible to enjoy great light. This means I always recommend the hours around sunrise and sunset!! However! I can shoot in any light and if we need to work with your schedule to accommodate a different time, we can make it work.

What should I expect from our session together?

Our session together will be FUN!!!!! I’ve captured families of all sizes and individuals and couples at every stage of their journey and I’m genuinely excited to be in your presence to tell your story with my lens. We’ll laugh, play, hang out – it’s really just an opportunity to love on your people. And YES. I will direct you as much as necessary, but I’m also happy to hang back and let the story unfold. Don’t worry about that part, you just enjoy the moment.

Why do you shoot film?

Short answer: BECAUSE I LOVE IT. A bit longer answer: When I learned to shoot film, a few years after I had mastered digital photography, I fell in love. I fell in love with the process of loading a roll after 16 or 36 shots, shipping off a ziplock bag full of magic paper (this is what I tell kids – that film is a blend of magic and science), receiving the images in jpegs in my email box, and processing a session in half an hour. I love how film causes me to slow down and really think about what I’m shooting and I love how shooting film has caused me to return to my first love: shooting. I do enjoy editing and I still shoot digital, but I got tired of being in the editing chair of death and it was taking far too much time away from my family. I’ll be honest, I also REALLY love the aesthetic of film. It IS my voice. I do shoot digital if I need to, and I match it to my film aesthetic, but in most every opportunity, film wins for me.

Why do you charge what you charge?

This question is rarely asked in this way, but it is worth addressing. YES. This is an investment. I understand the sticker shock, believe me. And as a family of six in Hawaii, we also live on a tight budget. However, I believe the value of these photos for your family far outweighs the cost. This is an investment in preservation. Capturing this part of your journey to share with your family for generations to come doesn’t have a price tag. It’s worth everything. I want to be an investment for you. I’m interested in spending time with your family, getting to know you, and telling your story through the time we have together.
I do offer a few opportunities throughout the year for mini sessions, but these sessions are niched and still represent my voice (aka mama sessions, colorful kids in studio sessions, summer splash, and fall minis). I do not offer minis outside of these sessions.

Session Pricing

I’m so excited you’re interested in capturing this special season of your journey. I delight in pausing with you to soak up the truth and beauty in your life and save these moments in images that last forever. I offer a full pricing guide for portraits, births, weddings and elopements. Please contact Annie for all the info!

What about pricing?

Portrait Sessions: Begin at $250.
Weddings and Elopements: Begin at $1250
Births: $1250 (packages available to include maternity and/or newborn)
Annual Minis: These are a fun opportunity to capture your story throughout the year in a unique way!
Purchase the whole package or pick and choose what fits!!! Here is the scoop:
Each mini session is $250 and includes 5 high resolution digital files. Purchase all four for $925!

Special Sessions

These are a fun opportunity to capture your story throughout the year in a unique way! Purchase the whole package or pick and choose what fits!!!

Here is the scoop:
Each mini session is $250 and includes 5 high resolution digital files. Purchase all four for $925!

Colorful Keiki

Offered in the month of February, in my studio with a colorful backdrop. Perfect for all kids but tweens capture my heart here. I’ll use color and fun to make joyful and honest portraits of your kids.

Mama Sessions

These are so special and held at the end of April, also in my studio. Mama sessions are black and white studio portraits designed to capture your story of motherhood.

Splash & Play

We live in Hawaii!!!! The land of endless summer days spent at the beach! These minis take place in July. Just your kids or your whole family – totally up to you! These photos will creatively showcase your HI life at the beach!!! Swimsuits and sunhats and surfboards welcome!

Fall Family

Your whole family in less than thirty minutes. These are for the updated family photo and the Christmas card greeting. Only offered in October!